These days, most agents include staging as part of their services, but how good a job do they do? Do they stage both the interior and exterior of your home? Staging can be the most important marketing tool you can use, but not all staging is effective.

The importance of staging starts with the way your home shows in photographs to when potential buyers pull up to the curb and say "wow" before they even walk through the front door.

Anyone can stage a home... you bring in a few pieces of trendy furniture and accessories and you're done, right? Not necessarily. It is possible to "over stage" a property, making the house feel more like a set so it lacks the comfort and coziness of a true home. And then there is just bad staging, when agents use out of date décor or pieces that are too big for the room.

Excellent staging achieves a perfect balance by choosing key pieces that make a small room feel larger, a dark room feel brighter, or adds something to draw your eye away from a potentially awkward element of the home.

That's what we do! Each and every piece is strategically chosen to sell your home's amazing features, and diminish its flaws... every home has them, we just try to make sure they aren't distracting.

So what does expert staging mean for you? It ultimately leads to more offers, which directly translates into a higher sale price and who doesn't want to make more money? We strive to make top dollar for our clients with each and every listing! Check out our awesome before and after photos.